Andi Skene: frontend developer

Andi Skene

Web Developer

I'm a Software Developer Based In Aurora, Colorado.

It goes without saying that I'm enjoying my life with my family here in Colorado. Natural beauty takes second place in my heart and since moving into my own home I've developed a passion for growing plants. I have a dog and a number of kiddos and a good day is one where we can all get outside to explore.

As a teenager, playing with computers and the web were hobbies of mine.

I've been dabbling since back in the days of dial-up and webrings. I picked up a solid HTML background during my highschool internship with a local engineering company. I had this idea that I wanted to make CD-Rom applications but by the time I got to college CD-ROMs were dying off and decided to make it work as a graphic designer. I had modest success for a few years but decided to head back to college for a bachelor's degree and focus on web design.

About ten years ago I started with a company that had me working exclusively on application development. It was a challenging shift in my abilities as I jumped into ActionScript (a superset of the syntax and semantics of the language more widely known as JavaScript). The shift in thinking was a challenge but I came to really enjoy the ability to problem-solve and create cool components with code. These days I’m pushing out into more modern frameworks like React and backend technologies like Node.